Steward Steel


Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising. Here's what some of our customers have to say about Steward Steel:


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Will Kaiser, Project Manager

Steward Steel and Noranda have had a close working relationship since Noranda opened 30 years ago. Steward Steel has supplied us with all types of steel including fabricated steel, structural steel, rebar, and miscellaneous steels. Steward Steel has also been a supplier of repaired and new anode rod assemblies for our Rodding Room operations.

I have found Steward Steel to be competitive and their work to be of high quality. During the past three years I have been involved with a major expansion at the Noranda, New Madrid facility. Construction of several large buildings was contracted to a local General Contractor who awarded the majority of all their steel work, both structural and rebar, to Steward Steel. Our project was put on an accelerated schedule and Steward Steel was able to furnish the necessary steel in a timely manner to meet our deadlines. I found the drawings to be detailed very well and observed that all pieces arrived with proper identification. The high accuracy in their detail work and the consistency in proper identification allowed the erection crews to effectively and efficiently meet their schedules and allowed the owner to minimize change order work.

Steward Steel also provides us with the local support we need in order to minimize our inventories. On the other hand, they have also been one of our primary suppliers when we needed materials or fabrication work performed immediately. I am pleased with our relationship with Steward Steel and look forward to working with them in the future.


Jim Graham, Senior Project Engineer

"Steward has been helping us with a significant plant expansion. They had worked for us in the past, so we knew they were a quality fabricator, and we wanted them on our bidder list for this project."

"They've done very well for us with a great job of maintaining schedules for the project. Their quality of fabrication is great (everything went together very well) and this job really required that kind of quality. I personally am very impressed with their facility and personnel. They are professional and deal with all our considerations directly and efficiently, which is what I like to see in a vendor."


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Kroeger Erectors

Bill Kuhlmann, Project Manager

"Steward is my supplier of choice for fabrication. In most cases I'm selling both the fabrication and erection to the owner or GC, so I need quality. They've helped us with everything from power plant buildings to automobile manufacturers to schools and churches, always providing the best. They did a church project for me that was very, very unusual with intricate connections and details -- the whole thing fit without on-site modification! That's almost unheard of because something almost always doesn't fit -- they did an outstanding job and made us look great. Better than that, their quality fit and fabrication makes it cheaper for our clients.

When I need something they react. Others will tell me to wait a week or so, but not these folks. Our experience with Steward Steel has developed into a relationship that goes beyond customer relations. We're not just good customers, we're good friends."


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Ron Behrens, Structural Engineer

"We have worked with Steward on several projects, and our experience with them has always been excellent. For example, they fabricated steel for a shopping mall in Marion, Illinois. They were accurate, more than technicians... they understood our intent from our drawings, and their detailing is high quality. Their fit and quality of fabrication is great; as good as it gets for quality work in this area."


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John Fitzpatrick, Vice President

"Steward has been helping us with several large industrial plant expansions. Steward detailing is good, and their fit and quality of fabrication is excellent. Their quality gives me fewer headaches and less time to complete erection. When they say they're going to do it, they do it. They've met every scheduled promise they've made to me. They are the professional, experienced choice for fabrication, and I truly enjoy working with them."