Steward Steel


We'd like to tell you that no fabricator uses better steel, but structural steel is structural steel no matter how you connect it. However, we can tell you that we provide quality fabrication that fits right and fast track completions so contractors can avoid deal killing delays. We are also one of only a few fabricators that use electronic data transfer technology to facilitate better information exchanges to make sure steel will be fabricated precisely and delivered to the site when promised. Other benefits of using us as your fabricated steel provider include:
  • On-time delivery: Contractors get their steel when and where they need it.
  • Warehousing: We warehouse commonly used structural steel shapes, so you can get what you need right away.
  • Coating capabilities: We offer an indoor coating and painting capability for projects requiring standard or specialized coatings.
All of which makes us one of the best and most trusted fabricators in the industry.


There is no steel fabrication job we aren't capable of handling. Our capabilities and AISC Level Assurance Certification keep our customers coming back for:
  • Columns & beams, joist, deck, grating, trusses, stairs and handrails
  • Indoor facility for coatings and specialized painting
  • Electronic Data Transfer technology to facilitate electronic transfer of drawings, bids, project estimates and status
  • Fast Track projects
  • Design Assist
  • Warehousing

Paint and Coating Systems

Steward Steel has extremely advanced paint and coating systems. Our new state of the art facility consists of shot blast cleaning with an eight-wheel machine. This machine can give a surface finish anywhere from brush blast to white blast. Other features and benefits includes:
  • 80' x 300' totally enclosed, heated, moisture controlled and air movement controlled painting room
  • 80' x 120' totally enclosed loading facility with room for loading eight 48' trailers at a time
  • Two remote controlled 20 ton twin hook cranes for handling painted material. This gives us a total lifting capacity of 80,000 pounds
  • Weather is not a factor for this facility
These key benefits and features backed by our quality assurance procedures make Steward Steel paint and coating systems right for your job.

Quality Assurance

Over the past 67 years we have built our reputation by furnishing quality structural steel day in, day out.

Fabrication: We have the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) QA Level II certification for "Complex Steel Building Structures" and the additional "Sophisticated Paint Endorsement - Inside Facility", currently referred to as “Complex Protective Coating Systems Certified". We also have four American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) on staff. Also every welder is AWS certified. This is our assurance to you that your steel will be fabricated correctly and will fit when it reaches the job site.

Painting: We have a NACE Level III coating inspector and a Level II ANSI coating inspector on staff. This means that after your steel is fabricated correctly it is then cleaned correctly with our trained personnel. This assures you of a quality product that you can depend on.

Fast Track Projects

Today, fast track projects are a way of business in the structural steel industry. That's why we pride ourselves in providing the capacity, staff, and communication processes that enable us to fast track projects through the entire fabrication process. Our ability to recognize obstacles in addition to developing methods of simultaneously managing and performing portions of the fabrication processes have proven key to our success and for many of our customers.

Design Assist

Our management staff can handle all aspects of a design assist project from bidding to detailing and sequencing, to estimating and project management. And from an experience standpoint, we've helped contractors and owners in the design of all phases of structural projects.

AISC Class II Certification


You can count on Steward Steel to have the right equipment to get your job done.
  • CNC Beamline
  • CNC Plate Duplicator
  • CNC Plate burning with plasma
  • CNC Turret Lathe
  • CNC Folding Machine
  • CNC Turret Punch
  • CNC Band Saws
  • CNC Plate Punch
  • Full computerized detailing linked to CNC equipment
  • Indoor, heated, painting and loading 80' x 420' bay
  • Radial Arm Drills
  • Cambering Machine
  • 10' x 5' capacity Grit Blasting equipment
  • Duplex Milling Machines
  • Plate Shears
  • Spot Welding
  • Stud Welding
  • Stainless and Aluminum welding
  • All welders are AWS certified
  • 40 ton overhead crane capacity
  • Rail service direct to plant, under crane
  • Fleet of trucks and trailers for deliveries
  • Over 125,000 square feet under crane
  • Over 25 acres of steel and fabrication facilities
This equipment, along with an expert team allow us to do the finest fabrication and specialty paint projects you'll find anywhere.

Size And Floor Space

At Steward Steel we have over 200,000 square feet of covered floor space that houses our experienced staff, state of the art equipment, and painting and coating facility. We also have over 10 acres of storage space for incoming and outgoing steel