Steward Steel


We have the capabilities of making any size or any shape collector bar that our customers need. With a totally automated plant, we are able to start with a bar of proper size in the beginning of the process and at the end produce a bar that is:
  • Saw cut to length
  • Straightened to a closer tolerance than you will require
  • Machined and drilled for bolted buss connections
  • Welded for those with welded transition
  • Furnished plain with no connection preparation
  • Shot blasted to a near white finish
And we can furnish these bars to our customers on a true just-in-time basis.

Aluminum Industry Capabilities:

  • Collector Bars
  • Replacement Stubs
  • Potshells
  • Crust Breaker Beams
  • Deck Plates
  • Side Shields
  • Anode Pallets
  • Seals, Shields, Clamps
  • Support Stands
  • Pot Repair Patches
  • Misc Fabrications for Aluminum Industry and any Industrial Application where steel is used